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Right Click Resize is a tiny freeware/open source application that allows you to resize a picture by right clicking on it.

Do you ever receive pictures that look like this?

To fix this you could fire up a fancy image editor, open the image, resize it, rotate it, sharpen it and finally resave it… or you could right click on it and be done with it. The program will automatically create a new image and append _tn to it: Kids.jpg -> Kids_tn.jpg.

Download Source

Download and extract it to your directory of choice (C:\Program Files\Resize). Then run resize.exe to install the application and create the necessary registry key.

Windows 7 – Right click on resize.exe and select Run as Administrator. This is necessary to update the registry.

Now right click on an image and select Resize to scale down a picture. Give it a few seconds to work and new image should automagically appear.

Advanced users can open the resize.ini and tweak the parameters . For instance, 600×600 is the largest you want to allow one side to grow. You can increase/decrease this for larger or smaller images.